Our artificial intelligence tools help HRians and Recruiters to fasten the hiring process, find qualified candidates, make reference checks, know latest salaries and market prices, smooth the hiring process, track candidates recruitment and selection status, find flexible workers - part-timers – freelancers – consultants and service providers.

It also helps jobseekers to

  • Get notification with relevant opportunities shortlist
  • Review employer’s profiles
  • Track their CV-application status
  • Know their worth on the food labor market and make good career moves.

Our artificial intelligence tools will also help freelancers and service providers find relevant business opportunities.

They will be recommended by the application for employers once they make a search based on their reviews.

The application will allow them to present their work samples and achievements digitally on a built-in website to their targeted clients.

They can present their different offers and packages on such a professional way.

We motivate and provoke competition between different freelancers and service providers.